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Leak Detections

As experts in pool remodels and renovations, we understand the intricacies of pool design and maintenance, bringing that expertise to every inspection we perform. Whether you are buying a home, troubleshooting, or just need peace of mind, you can trust our team to uncover the story of your pool. 

In Jacksonville, losing water in your pool occurs at varying rates, so it can be difficult to tell if your water loss is normal. Hiring a team with the equipment and expertise necessary to identify leaks can not only save you money on water, it can also help reduce damage caused by excess water draining near the foundation of your home. 


Our detection process uses state-of-the-art sonar technology in concert with more traditional tools (such as ink) so that we can pinpoint even the most difficult-to-detect leaks. We combine our technical agility with our decades of experience to go the extra mile with each inspection. Because we approach each inspection holistically, not only can we identify the location of leaks, but we can confidently diagnose the root cause behind them. After our visit, we will send you a report detailing the issues we found as well as any solutions we recommend. 


If you suspect that your pool has a leak or would like to schedule a visit simply for peace of mind, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your pool healthy.


Need a comprehensive Pool Inspection?

CLICK HERE to learn about our Comprehensive Pool Inspection service.

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